Monday, June 16, 2014

Happiness Is Riding A Bike!

After my day trip to visit Bridgewater, and enjoying a great lunch. I then meandered back to Rochester. Where I enjoyed a large ice coffee at Sandy's with real Maple Syrup. After all. I'm on vacation! I then picked up some groceries at Mac's Market for dinner.

After returning to the Gathering Inn. I had a snooze. Then after enjoying a fresh Vermont Apple for a snack. I set out on a second bike ride on the day. This time north on route 100 to the village of Granville. Which is located 4 miles north of Hancock.

The ride and the day. First day of my 2014 vacation was enjoyed. Vermont is the kind of medicine any good Doctor could never prescribe!

The top photo was taken at Sandy's Coffee shop. While I was enjoying my large ice coffee. The rest of the pictures were taken during my ride north on route 100.

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