Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vermont Bound

Happy to report. Tomorrow a new adventure begins. Yes I am Vermont Bound. Heading back to the Green Mountain State to enjoy life once again. I agree with the opinion. That our working life is just existing. While traveling is living! I have been doing too much existing lately.

I will be enjoying life for 1 week this time around. Like always I am very thankful and excited I get to travel again. My love affair with "The Green Mountain State" has been going strong since my first visit in October 2007. I feel so relaxed and at home in Vermont. It is just the perfect location for me to travel to. All the problems of the world are soon forgotten about in this tranquil, beautiful and peaceful land. I will be staying most of the holiday at the Gathering Inn located in Hancock, Vermont. The final day of the trip will be spent on the Isle La Motte, at the Old Schoolhouse. Which is now a very nice bed and breakfast.

I am planning to travel by car in my ever reliable Toyota Corolla. My route is fairly straight forward. The 401 east to Cornwall, Ontario. This is where I cross the St. Lawrence River into the United States. Then you continue east until New York State ends. Until you have reached the shores of Lake Champlain. When you see this magnificent lake. Then you know you have arrived! Crossing this body of water to one of the most beautiful places to live on our planet.

For those who come to visit Vermont. The "Land of Green" is not really a U.S. state. Vermont is and always will be a "State of Mind"

The posted picture is an aerial view of "The Isle La Motte". The person who took this picture is unknow.

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