Thursday, June 26, 2014

God's Country!

Back home again. After enjoying another week of life in "The Green Mountain State". I have to admit when I got into traveling. It was all about enjoying life in a place of peace and beauty.
I have enjoyed all of the destinations I have selected to travel to. They have all created a wonderful way to live life for the Travel Wolfe. I also have to admit that I have found a home in the Green Mountain State. Vermont offers the people who live there. A chance to enjoy an old world quality of life. That has been almost been lost in the mega modern world we live in today.
In Vermont you can hide away from a world that has been losing touch with reality. In this world I know all too well. Living in the Greater Toronto Area. Greed is running a muck! The costs of everything is continually on the rise. Then you have overcrowding, continual urban sprawl to contend with. Making our roads too crowded to drive on. Division among us human beings is continually on the rise. On many different levels. Which are; financial, cultural, sexual, age, and religious. Oh don't worry we human are always looking to create new ones.
Then we have our failing democratic political system. When just prior to my lifetime. So many brave souls fought so we could have a great time living on our beautiful planet. So we could live in a free and just society. In a system known as democracy. Well it is apparent to the Travel Wolfe. The political leaders of today. Don't have a clue how to solve any of the problems that plague mankind. As the democratic system we hold so dear. Is falling apart at the seams.

When I first went to Switzerland in 1986. I experienced all of the joys of living a happy life. Little did I know back then. That a land that contains such extreme beauty and quality. Is located so very close to my home. Located here in North America.

Yes Vermont contains beautiful surroundings in ever part of the state. That will relax your state of mind. The more I see. The more I love Vermont! You could be visiting; Lake Champlain, the Connecticut River, or any of the quaint little villages and towns that are located in Vermont. When you are there. You get to experience quality life in the old country. That my ancestors that came from Europe. Got to enjoy!

When I have talked to people. Just before I leave on my vacations to Vermont. People who have been to Vermont before. Just after I would tell them. That I heading off to enjoy the land of the Green Mountains. There reply would be. "Your going to visit God's Country"! Not that I will ever be a religious person. But certainly I feel very spiritual when I am in the Green Mountain State. Totally privileged to have the chance to live in such of a glorious land! I would certainly enjoy to meet and commend whoever and whatever designed and created Vermont. They thought of every detail. To make everything just perfect. In God's Country!

As always I have lots to be thankful for. After completing Vermont journey number 9. The weather was near perfect for my week enjoying Vermont. So a big thanks again "Mother Nature". I have nothing but praise for my 2001 Toyota Corolla. This wonderful car has safely provided reliable transport to Vermont for 9 trips. Which have been wonderful times! I would to thank Kathleen and Rick. For there great job running the Gathering Inn and making me feel like I'm part of there family when I am there guest. Also a big thanks to Sandy and all of the friendly staff at "Sandy's Books and Bakery" located in town of Rochester. Eating well is an important way to enjoy life.
Also it was great to be back on the Isle La Motte. Thanks Carol for your great job running the Old Schoolhouse. Another great place to call home during a Vermont vacation. The XD Olympus Camera did an outstanding job. Capturing the wonderful memories of this trip.
One of my biggest regrets in my life. Is that my wonderful mother Charlotte. Never got the chance to see and experience living in God's Country. I just know. She would also have loved it very much!

I will finish this post with a quote from my favorite singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffet from his tune "Landfall" "Cause I seen incredible things in my years
Some days were laughter, other were tears
If I had to do it all over again
I'd just get myself drunk, and I'd jump right back in!
The pictures from top to bottom; The Green Mountains from the Isle La Motte, Vermont Welcome Sign, Quechee Gorge, Connecticut River, mountains of Vermont from Mt. Ascutney, Green Mountains, The Long Trail, Stowe, Green Mountain view, hiking on the trail, covered bridge in Stowe, sunset over Lake Champlain.
Pictures; my 2001 Corolla, The Gathering Inn, Sandy's Books & Bakery, The Old Schoolhouse, my XD Camera, the fine lady who was my mom (Mrs. Charlotte Wolfe)

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